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Digital drop splitters system
AB switch
Connectors, attenuators & terminators
1GHz digital drop splitters
F-81 connectors and ground blocks
Gold-red series indoor taps
Midsize TV wall plate
Regal product line introduction
Silver satin wire jumpers
Terminators with tool
Topless horizontal splitters
Zinc dig drop splitters
Zinc directional couplers


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RCA connectors


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Cable TV amplifiers
CDAL201 drop amplifiers
Active forward drop amplifiers
Active return drop amplifiers
Drop splitters


CCAP CMTS™ wiring harnesses


Connected home

In-line MoCA® filter
TRIS-1002AEN fully isolated wall outlet

RLA+ cable series - 6'
RLA+ cable series - 10'

RLA++ push-on cable series

Level V CPE power supplies
Level VI CPE power supplies

Drop and installation

Technetix custom toolkits

SecureLocks wire connectors

CenturyWire lashing wire

Bekaert strand

Fiber accessories

AFL OFL280-10x FlexTester OTDR
- Whitepaper:  Meeting the unique test challenges of FTTx deployment
AFL FS200 FlexScan OTDR
- Presentation:  FlexScan OTDR with SmartAuto™ and LinkMap™ overview
AFL WDM900 lightwave test set
- Presentation: WDM900 lightwave test set overview
AFL OPM5 and OPM4 optical power meters
AFL OLS series light sources
AFL SLP5-6D test kits
AFL VFI2 and HiLite visual fault identifiers
AFL OFS300 optical microscope
AFL VS300 View Safe video microscope
AFL One-Click® Cleaner series
AFL FOCIS fiber optic connector inspection system


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