Regal® is a high-performance line of splitters, ground blocks and couplers designed specifically to meet and/or exceed specifications from Telcordia, SCTE, Cenelec, UL and other organizations. Regal® products have been manufactured in dedicated manufacturing facilities since 1982. Many manufacturers routinely “toggle” between OEMs. This can affect control over manufacturing operations, create inconsistencies and cause variances in component specifications and ratings, which can alter the performance of the finished product. Regal® facilities are ISO 9002 certified and its products are UL listed, which mandates product and process uniformity and consistency and dictates that processes cannot be altered and components cannot be substituted or changed without recertification.


  • 30 year heritage manufacturing
  • Dedicated manufacturing facilities
  • Stringent quality assurance standards
  • Full line of passives backed by a history of strong performance
  • House passives for all applications