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Single source for all CPE and peripherals

Did you know that Technetix provides a complete range of the CPE & peripherals used with modems, EMTAs and set-top boxes? Whether you need HDMI cables,Ethernet cables, power supplies, power cords or even complete self-install kits, we can help - we've been supplying customers with these products for fifteen years.


HDMI cables

We offer entry level, intermediate and high specification HDMI cables to suit your particular circumstance and all are fully compliant to the relevant standards. High quality levels apply to all our cables.


Power supply units

Technetix can design PSUs to meet your specific needs, or you can choose one of our universal PSUs compatible with multiple manufacturers' cable modems, EMTAs and digital set-top boxes. Technetix produces PSUs to the toughest customer requirements in order to provide high reliability with low operating temperatures and a top class component overrating specification.

Self-install kits

Self-install kits ensure that subscribers have all the components and instructions they require to install equipment or upgrade their in home installation without the need for a maintenance technician to visit them.

Technetix can supply self-install kits packaged to your requirements and with labelled or coloured components to aid installation. Technetix has fifteen years of experience producing fool proof kit configurations.

For more information about our CPE peripherals, email sales@technetix.com or call one of our local sales support contacts.