Virtual segmentation

Go fiber deep without fiber

Technetix enables the deployment of a multitude of services WITHOUT the need for fiber! Virtual Segmentation™ supports applications such as R-PHY/R-MACPHY, mobile backhaul, symmetrical/business services, and Smart City applications, in addition to high-speed Wi-Fi services.

Essentially, any scenario that requires high bandwidth at low latency in your network can be deployed with a CAPEX reduction of up to 80% while reducing deployment time from months to days. It all works on your existing coax network and does not interfere with existing services.

  • Up to 10 Gbps symmetrical over existing coax cable
  • Virtual network segmentation at great savings
  • New service deployment (such as mobile backhaul) in weeks rather than months

Solution - Virtual Segmentation™

The Technetix Virtual Segmentation™ solution provides extra bandwidth on existing coaxial cable to feed the Remote PHY device (RPD) without deploying fiber to the new segmentation site. Virtual Segmentation™ enables operators to overlay additional bandwidth on their existing coax infrastructure so an RPD can be deployed without fiber.


  • Existing infrastructure is retained - Virtual Segmentation™ is an add-on
  • Cost efficient
  • Future bandwidth growth


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