Remote PHY node and amplifier solutions

Enabling the future

Remote PHY (R-PHY) technology enables the up- and downstream relocation of traditional headend elements, generating 10 Gbps of data on a remote location to operators seeking to extend the capacity of their coax networks. While the technology has been part of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard since the release of the requirement specification, there are challenges in the network that still need to be overcome. Available power, space and the size of existing street cabinets considerably limit the number of options available to operators seeking to deploy this next step in the evolution of their networks.

  • Go green with one of the most power efficient R-PHY solutions in the market
  • Saves up to 75% in power and deployment costs
  • Ready to install now

The Remote PHY solution

R-PHY is ready for deployment in an existing DBx infrastructure or directly enabled in DBx R-PHY nodes and amplifiers. In partnership with Harmonic, Technetix’ R-PHY solution drives cost reductions through low power consumption and the compact housing design allows deployment even in limited cabinet space scenarios.

The 1x2 DBx R-PHY configuration typically consumes less than 50 W and a simple lid upgrade is all it takes to convert a deployed DBx RF amplifier or node into an R-PHY device. The smart deployment design allows easy installation and maintenance, an upgrade taking no longer than 10 minutes. The plug-and-play upgrade allows for a quick and reliable transition, with no additional on-site training requirement. With a footprint of more than 600,000 amplifiers worldwide, the Technetix R-PHY solution is the smart, green and sustainable choice for your network upgrade.


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