Key staff

Technetix Board

  1. Paul Broadhurst
    Paul Broadhurst
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Paul Broadhurst is the President, Founder and Chief Executive of Technetix Group Ltd. The company was founded by Paul in 1990, he has since developed extensive global networks within Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific. Technetix today has over 180 employees worldwide, with a direct presence in 18 countries and sales to over 70 countries. Paul is responsible for the strategic development of the company, working closely with his senior management team across the globe to achieve aims and objectives. He has a B.Eng. degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Liverpool, an M.Sc. degree in Microwave and Optics from University College London, is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology), European Engineer (Eur. Ing.), and a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, USA). He has also been inducted into the class of 2020 Cable TV Pioneers. Paul is chairman of the Technetix Strategic Advisory Board, which was formed in 2019.
  2. John Brougham
    John Brougham
    Non-Executive Director
    John Brougham joined the board of Technetix in January 2010 as an independent non-executive director, he is also Chair of the Audit Committee. He has more than 45 years working experience in the electronics, telecoms, and software sectors, with 35 years at director level. John retired from his last full-time role as Chief Financial Officer of Monitise plc in 2012. He has held non-executive director roles since 2007, where he acts as Chair of the Audit or Finance and Performance Committees for both public sector organisations and listed companies.
  3. Colin Buechner
    Colin Buechner
    Non-Executive Director
    Colin was appointed to the board of Technetix in July 2016 as a non-executive director. Colin is a telecommunications professional with many years of experience in the industry. He is also the Managing Director, Chief Network Officer for Liberty Global where he has been since 2001. In this role, he is responsible for developing the strategy and driving innovation as well as all planning and engineering activities to assure the network is able to satisfy current and future business demands. His role also covers the Liberty Global Data Center strategy as well as the operation of all shared IT and product platforms. Prior to joining Liberty Global, Colin worked for several telecommunication companies including Vodafone, Viag Interkom and RSL COM. Colin was appointed as a member of the Technetix Strategic Advisory Board in 2019.
  4. Andrew Kellett
    Andrew Kellett
    Chief Financial Officer
    Andrew has a strong track record in the financial and operational leadership of international high-growth companies. His most recent positions have been in the life-sciences/healthcare sector, holding CFO positions with Cmed Group, an international clinical research company and Genetix Group PLC, a publicly listed global life-sciences and diagnostics company where he played a key role in the growth, transformation and successful sale of the company. He was also Finance Director of the global clinical trials business of Quest Diagnostics Inc. Andrew qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Coopers & Lybrand and is responsible for finance, operations and IT at Technetix.
  5. Duncan McIntyre
    Duncan McIntyre
    Non-Executive Chairman
    Duncan became a non-executive chairman of Technetix in 2009 and is a dynamic business leader and investor with a focus on driving growth and value. Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive and a major shareholder of Morse PLC, a computer company which he grew from being a small UK-based business to an international and quoted market leader. He was the Chairman and a key member of the team which built Monitise PLC, a mobile banking and payments company, from concept to a market leading position and then to its subsequent billion-pound market capitalization. He was the Chairman of Profero, a digital advertising agency, where he was key in re-establishing the business and then selling it to Interpublic Inc. Duncan continues to invest, chair and advise a number of companies.
  6. Jan Ariesen
    Jan Ariesen
    Chief Technology Officer
    Jan is an experienced engineer with over thirty years' of broadband cable TV design experience; Jan currently leads the CTO, Marketing, R&D and QA teams at Technetix. His main focus is to liaise with key customers and be the Technetix technology advocate, developing new technologies and product platforms. Jan joined Technetix' acquisition Tratec in 1983. Before 2008, Jan was Technetix' VP of Engineering leading teams in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands that were responsible for researching, developing and inventing new products and technologies. Jan joined the Technetix board in 2018.
  7. Emma Hamilton
    Emma Hamilton
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Emma Hamilton joined Technetix in 2012 as part of the legal team, later becoming Group Legal Director and Company Secretary. In 2021, Emma became Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for the development and execution of the Group’s commercial activities and leading the Legal, HR and European customer services teams. Emma is a graduate of Sussex University and holds a postgraduate diploma in Legal Practice. Prior to joining Technetix, Emma specialized in Recruitment Law, providing commercial and legal advice to the recruitment industry.

Technetix Executive

  1. Francois Giraud-Sauveur
    Francois Giraud-Sauveur
    Chief Sales Officer, Europe
    Francois is a business development and sales professional with over 20 years of telecommunications industry experience. Since joining Technetix in 2008, he has successfully driven the sales function across Europe (Country Manager, VP Sales, CSO). In 2013, he joined the Technetix exec team as Chief Sales Officer. Francois has led Sales, Sales Order Processing, Sales Engineering and Customer Service teams across 20 different countries. A French national, Francois graduated from the international business school ESCE with a Masters degree; he worked for Acome from 1998 to 2004 as Export Manager and then for Sagem Communications from 2004 to 2008 as a Sales Director in the set top box business unit.

Technetix Strategic Advisory Board

  1. Paul Broadhurst
  2. Colin Buechner
  3. Lorenz Glatz
    Lorenz Glatz
    Member of the Strategic Advisory Board (former CTO, Kabel Deutschland)
    Coming from a background in internet and cable tv technology, Lorenz currently advises players in the telecommunications arena with a particular focus on innovation. From 2006 to 2015 he was CTO of Kabel Deutschland (KD), Germany’s biggest cable operator. In 2010 Lorenz was part of the executive team preparing and executing KD’s highly successful IPO and three years later pitching and selling the company to Vodafone. From 2009 to 2015 Lorenz served as the chairman of the European arm of CableLabs. Prior to his role at KD, Lorenz worked as senior vice president of network and systems design and architecture for Liberty Global in Europe. Lorenz was educated at both the University of Vienna and the University of California, Santa Cruz and received an MSc. in Physics in 1995.
  4. Jay Rolls
    Jay Rolls
    Member of the Strategic Advisory Board (former CTO, Charter Communications)
    Jay Rolls was the SVP & Chief Technology Officer at Charter Communications, Denver CO from 2011 to 2019. He and his team were responsible for engineering and architecture across all aspects of Charter's wireline business. Previously, Jay served in a variety of roles during 13 years at Cox Communications including SVP of Technology. At Pacific Broadband he was the VP of Business Development and between 1999 to 2000 served as VP of Network Engineering at Excite@Home. Earlier in his career, Mr. Rolls spent nine years in Germany with Alcatel and BBN Communications (now Level 3). He began his career working in the US intelligence community. Jay received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 1983 and a M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California in 1988.
  5. Ron Coppock
    Ron Coppock
    Member of the Strategic Advisory Board (former President of Sales, Arris International)
    Ron Coppock has consulted on strategy for Technetix since October 2017. Ron retired from Arris in May 2017 serving as EVP and President of Global Sales and Marketing after 26 years with the company. He joined Arris through Antec which became part of the Arris Interactive joint venture with Nortel Networks. Antec bought out Nortel from the JV in 2000 and kept the Arris name. Arris grew and expanded during Ron’s tenure including a string of acquisitions including major acquisitions of Pace PLC and Motorola Home as well as other deals including C-COR and BigBand Networks. Ron was part of the strategic team that put all of these deals together. Ron was inducted into the Cable TV Pioneers in 2013. Ron also dedicates time to personal and charitable interests including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Board, the National Incarceration Association and Auburn University Alumni Association.