Safety first

The network and its CPE devices must both be protected, particularly from unsafe voltages caused by lightning, power surges or damaged/faulty equipment. These factors could originate in or outside the home and the isolator is the critical component providing this protection. It is essential that this works exactly as specified in order to keep everyone safe.

Dual-output 1.2 GHz TRIS-series isolator
  • Patented Modem SafeTM technology for high intermodulation performance
  • High grip inner conductors for long term reliability
  • Compact robust housings to minimize CPD

Extra protection

Technetix isolators are deployed in networks around the world providing peace of mind to operators, available in up to 2 GHz in a range of custom designed housings including box, barrel, in-line and wall mount. There are also diplexed and filtered versions available to provide dual or triple outputs as required. Our double galvanic series goes a step further and isolates both inner and outer components in the cable network to provide even greater levels of protection.


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