Indoor Passives

Reliable signal routing

Indoor splitters and taps deliver the final broadband signals to various locations in the home but, because these locations are at the end of the journey, the performance of these essential components is critical.

2-way 1.2 GHz 10 Ecoline-series tap
  • Modem SafeTM technology for high intermodulation performance
  • High grip inner conductors for long term reliability
  • Compact robust housings to minimise CPD

4-way 1.2 GHz Ecoline-series splitter

Fit and forget!

Technetix designs its range of indoor passives from the 'ground up' to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Our patented Modem Safe technology protects the ferrite bead from magnetisation in use and gives excellent intermodulation results. Our connector springs maintain a strong grip on various sizes of cable core to ensure firm contact and signal transfer. All this is contained in a robust, die cast housing which is plated with a protective Tin - Nickel finish. These features combine to give superb resistance to CPD and peace of mind that you will have reliable signal routing.


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