DBx node and amplifier platform

Flexible, simple-to-use and future-proof

The ongoing requirement for increased speed and capacity has driven the broadband cable industry into developing faster and higher capacity networks. The Technetix DBx platform is perfectly suited to adapt to these demands and gives operators the opportunity to evolve their business. Extended bandwidth, higher modulation schemes and innovative network designs have been incorporated into the current network, improving the longevity and flexibility of HFC networks.

  • Supports DOCSIS 3.1 today as an RF amplifier, optical node or Remote PHY node
  • Lowest power consumption in the industry
  • Latest GaN 2.5 technology ensures a future proof solution for digital transport

The flexible way to achieve deep fiber

The Technetix DBx-1200 amplifier/node series is an innovative crossover design. It is a field upgradeable solution that provides deep fiber to the last amplifier (FTTLA/FTTC).

Designed using the latest GaN 2.5 (Gallium Nitride) technology with standard and high output power downstream modules, you can drive 4K QAM signals over long cable distances and cascades (up to N + 4) while reducing power consumption.

The DBx range offers amplifiers/nodes for cabinet and strand (pole) mounting. The modular approach enables a flexible configuration of the platform, allowing hybrid mixtures of RF/optical for gradual migration to deep fiber.


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