CPD Safe

At Technetix, we strive to produce integrated solutions in order to better resolve typical as well as atypical network problems. Over the years, Technetix' R&D department has come up with industry-leading innovations that are now embedded within many Technetix products.

CPD Safe

Our patent-protected technology, CPD SafeTM, cuts signal interference on networks by protecting against common path distortion (CPD)

CPD is a frequent cause of signal interference on networks. It is produced by electrolytic corrosion or the oxidization of dissimilar metals at the interface of connectors to taps, passives and access equipment. CPD Safe technology minimizes such corrosion by using tin nickel and silver plating on our products as appropriate.

The benefits of our CPD Safe technology:

  • Removes a primary cause of CPD
  • Reduces signal interference on networks
  • Drives fewer reported faults
  • Reduces truck rolls