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Next generation RLA++ jumper cables designed to avoid network interference

The quality of service a user experiences is only as strong as the weakest link, therefore the quality and reliability of jumper cables is as important as the other components of a cable system.

Attention to detail in the specification of the materials, construction and performance characteristics ensures that the customer experience is optimized from installation and throughout a long service life. Precise dimensioning and the outstanding resilience of the connectors and inner pins delivers a very reliable connection. The connectors are tightly secured and moulded to the cables to ensure good pull and strain relief.

The cables’ inner conductors are soldered to their inner pins to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical performance.

There are many external sources of electromagnetic radiation present in the in home enviroment, including short wave radio, mobile phones, DVB-T and others.

The screening effectiveness of a jumper cable therefore needs to mitigate the effects of both the egress and ingress of unwanted signals. To meet these requirements, the RF specification of the Technetix jumper cables exhibits low insertion loss, high return loss and high screening effectiveness over the whole frequency range, using quadruple shielding with a mix of braids and foils.


  • Quad shielded jumper cable
  • Incorporating Technetix F-SafeTM and IEC-SafeTM connectors
  • Frequency range 5-2400 MHz
  • Molded strain relief
  • IEC connectors feature superior impedance characteristics


RLA++ jumper cables